Berenice Electrolysis & Beauty Center was established in 1982

Berenice S. Rothenberg has been offering electrolysis, skin care, and laser treatments in the heart of New York City for those seeking beauty treatments and image enhancement. Berenice is a Certified Clinical Electrologist (CCE), and an FEHS licensed Cosmetologist and has been performing premier electrolysis services for over years.

Berenice S. Rothenberg is also a member of some of the most prestigious Electrolysis Societies setting an industry standard in the provision of successful beauty and skin care solutions. She has proven to be a leader in her field constantly creating new solutions and innovative treatment options for the removal of unwanted hair.

As one of the first professionals in the field of Electrolysis to be nationally certified, she has continued to expand on her knowledge and expertise to provide the most comprehensive assortment of beauty treatments available. Berenice has treated thousands of clients successfully and helped them to achieve their desired body image in a safe, relaxing, and confidential environment. She is dedicated to furthering her service through continuous personal development and continuing her education.

Berenice - President
Berenice Electrolysis Staff

Exceptional Industry Trainer

Berenice has been a leader in the training of other electrolysis professionals including her own staff. She takes the time to provide in depth educational sessions that explain the details of hair growth and hair removal in an applicable format. Her electrologists are acutely aware of the details of hair growth patterns, and are able to use this knowledge for the accurate and professional removal of unwanted hair.

Member of:

BEBC is a member of SCMHR The Society for Clinical & Medical Hair Removal (SCMHR)

Berenice Electrolysis and Personal Beauty Center was established in 1982 and serves as a Mecca for the optimal treatment of hair removal and skin care.

Meet Our Professionals

Luz Stella - Electrologist & Aesthetician

Luz Stella

Lucero is an Aesthetician and licensed Electrologist with 25+ years of experience in the beauty industry. Her specialties include Hair Removal (Electrolysis, Laser and Waxing), Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Artistry, and more, which make her a multi-faceted expert.

Herlinda - Electrologist


Originally from South America, she has been a Certified Clinical Electrologist since 1995 and a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years. She specializes in eliminating ingrown hair, razor bumps and reducing hair in any part of the woman's or man's body.

Rosula - Men's Stylist


Every time she styles a client's hair, it feels like afresh experience. Whether it is someone new or a lomg-standing client, she understands their hair type and personality, resulting in smooth and inventive hairstyles tailored to their lifestyle.